What can Bikefitting do for you?

  • Optimize efficiency, performance and comfort [Professional or recreational riders] 
  • Prevent overuse injuries by ensuring you are accurately fitted to your bike
  • Prevent Lower back pain, numb hands, knee pain, shoulder & neck discomfort, "hot foot" or numb feet etc.
  • Thoroughly evaluate and understand your personal cycling needs and concerns
  • Provide an exclusive, all-round, professional service

The BIKEFITTING Analysis calculates the ideal bicycle size and position of the cyclist. With the help of a computer drawing, each client can make an educated choice of which new bicycle fits. It can also be used to perfectly adjust an existing bicycle.
It can also be used to perfectly adjust an existing bicycle. 

The Standard Measurement Jig is used to precisely determine eight body dimensions.

  • Height
  • foot length left
  • foot length right
  • inseam
  • torso length
  • arm length left
  • arm length right
  • shoulder width

The model of shoe (sole thickness), pedal (height) and type of saddle are also taken into account.

The bike measurement program at also includes a module that translates the ideal frame measurements for a race bike and/or MTB into the best fitting measurement of a specific bike manufacturer. 54 different bike manufacturer brands were included in this module, named the Plug-in.