With Joberg2C and Sani2C fast approaching, here are our Top 10 tips for you:

Top Tip #1: Accurate bike setup for optimal performance and injury free racing.

So many of us underestimate the power that accompanies an efficient bike setup. Ensure that you are 100% comfortable for those long hours in the saddle and engaging the correct muscles for maximum power output and performance. 

Clayton Blackler from Cycle Symmetry is someone we work closely with and is highly recommended by many, give him a call on 083 227 0429, you will not be disappointed.

Top Tip #2: Topped up sealant.

Make sure that you have sufficient sealant and tyres that are not worn.

Top Tip #3: Check your brake pads.

Top Tip #4: Bike Travel.

If your bike needs to be transported to a location before a race, ensure that it is boxed correctly and when reassembling your bike, ensure that your headset, seat post, pedals and wheels are tight.

Top Tip #5: Nutrition on point.

Fueling your body correctly is crucial. We recommend that you never try anything new on race day. Any nutrition should be tested on training rides leading up to the event AND do not forget to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Before the race, during and after. 

Top Tip #6: Love your bum. Invest in a good chamois cream.

Top Tip #7: Invest in a decent chain lubricant.

Nothing is quite as annoying as a noisy chain. We all know that sound... Lets spare our race partner the torture. Help? Well we personally recommend the Muc - Off product range.

Top Tip #8: Issues on the race route?

It is important to know how to deal with common issues that may occur during the race, especially tubeless repairs and reconnecting chains. If you are unsure, please don't hesitate to pop into our store and our mechanics will happily show you a few helpful tricks.

Top Tip #9: Necessary spares.

Yes, it would be ideal to take everything but being on a bike, racing down some technical single track doesn't quite allow for that so we recommend a multitool, tubeless repair kit, bombs, chain breaker and speed links. 

Top Tip #10: Have fun and remember "the why."

We all have our "why" factor - whether its for a good time, to experience beautiful scenery, for pure enjoyment with friends, for fitness, to lose weight, to do it for those who aren't able, for charity, for someone that has inspired you, for someone who challenged you, to push your limits, to achieve a podium, or to win... Remember your "why" and may it motivate you to have the most enjoyable and amazing race ever. 

Written by: Lauren Bezuidenhout