The SMP4bike Professional range has been enhanced with a new model for 2013, with the presentation by Selle SMP of the medium padded saddle which, with its specific features and performance is placed between the Dynamic and Lite209 models. This new saddle is available black, coloured and in the CRB and Lady version.

Selle SMP is the only certified manufacturer in the world for the DESIGN AND PRODUCTION OF BIKE SADDLES MADE EXCLUSIVELY IN ITALY, a recognition it achieved in 2009 and which was reconfirmed last June.

For 2013 Selle SMP proposes the SMP4bike Professional range, addressed to the more discerning ‘technical’ customer, who wants products made from only the best quality materials able to guarantee top performance, and the SMP4bike Tourism range, for the equally discerning enthusiasts of touring cycling, which gives excellent performance and comfort on a normal everyday bike, with no need to wear padded shorts.

Selle SMP Designed on Your Body!



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