Crank a bit creaky, shock a bit squeeky?

With the state of the art workshop, you have direct access to the workshop where you are then able to check in your bike with one of our capable mechanics.

Come in and chat to Dale or Jarryd if you have any special requirements that you need done to your bike!

We'll take care of your bike, no matter what make of Bike or Model!

Major Service 

  • Wash & Lube
  • Set gears
  • Set brakes
  • True wheels
  • Service hubs
  • Service Bottom Bracket
  • Service headset
  • Complete check of bike

 General Service MTB

  • Wash & Lube
  • Set Gears
  • Set brakes
  • True Wheels
  • Complete check of bike

Other Services Offered

  • Wash & Lube
  • Setting Gears
  • Setting Brakes
  • Shock Services
  • Truing Wheels
  • Bleeding Brakes
  • Servicing Gears, Derailers, Shifters
  • Other...

Please note:

The cost of the service includes labour only.  If your service requires any replacements or new items, this will be at an additional cost.  Please advise if you request a quote before the parts are fitted.